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Rini Asani founded Calgary Parging, bringing top-notch stucco and parging services to Calgary homes and businesses. With over 10 years in the field, Rini blends European methods with Canadian standards to deliver quality work. He's known for being on time, detail-oriented, and committed to customer happiness. Rini's focus on hiring skilled workers and using the latest techniques has made Calgary Parging a trusted name in foundation repair and exterior finishes. His hands-on approach ensures each project meets high standards, whether it's fixing stucco siding damage or refreshing a building's look.

stucco trends in Calgary

Stucco Trends, Pricing & Brand Popularity in Calgary

Rini Asani and Calgary Parging provide practical insights into Calgary’s stucco installation industry, focusing on what homeowners and business owners need to know about current trends and choices in stucco materials and repairs. The most popular type of stucco for homeowners in Calgary continues to be: Out of over 5,000 stucco installations we have completed, […]

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stucco versus parging

Stucco Vs Parging: How Do They Differ (Pros & Cons)

Your home exterior is an integral component of the durability and aesthetic of your building so knowing what is exactly applied to your home is very important. Let’s discuss two surface applications that are frequently confused for the other’s stucco and parging. They might seem similar, but they are not. Each has its advantages and

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