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Damaged Stucco by Woodpeckers – Repair/Protection

Finding stucco damaged by woodpeckers is a common thing in Canada. Because EIFS stucco is one of the most popular cladding systems for buildings and commercial real estate, you can find standard and EIFS stucco damaged by woodpeckers everywhere.

If your building walls have this problem, then you’ll be happy to know that it is totally possible to fix damaged stucco by woodpeckers. At the same time, you can prevent further damaged by protecting the stucco with effective methods.

But you’ll have to learn how. Here, we’re showing you the reasons and tips you can follow to do so. Take a look!

Why Woodpeckers Crack Holes in Stucco

In contrast to parging, the EIFS stucco is a type of wall cladding that includes styrofoam, a softer yet still protective coat for commercial buildings.

This cover on walls is a pretty attractive surface for all kinds of birds to create their nests. It is softer than typical concrete stucco, it makes a similar sound to hollow trees, and it still offers a protective and robust material that could work as a home. So woodpeckers find it pretty enticing for their pecking.

That’s why it’s common to find holes in stucco caused by woodpeckers. Once they find stucco, they start pecking on it. And once the woodpecker sees that it opens just like wood – it can’t help but keep pecking until they open an entire hole.

Sometimes, they just like the hollow sound that stucco makes. They use this to broadcast their territory and take control of entire areas. If you are always hearing constant pecking in a building – then it’s likely a woodpecker producing the sound.

The continuous pecking and drumming of the exterior ends up in holes. Woodpeckers use these holes as nests, eventually damaging the stucco. This can be awful, of course, and a pretty tricky thing to fix.

Fixing Damaged Stucco by Woodpeckers

Once you spot woodpecker damage on traditional or EIFS stucco, you find that repairing the hole is not easy.

Because holes let water and pests get in – it sometimes creates mold and crumbles the surface. Other times, it simply leaves small holes that eventually start to fall down and to open large ones.

In either case, doing the repair may take more time and effort than you expect.

That’s why you need to call a professional to handle the job for you.

Whether it is large or small holes in cornices or walls, columns, or even the hardest-to-reach place – a professional is the only thing that can find the woodpecker issue. And sure enough, it is also the only way to do it without having to get the whole wall covered in stucco again.

If you’re looking for stucco damage by woodpecker solutions in Canada – we’re your best bet. We know the perfect techniques and have the only tools available to get such job done.

And what’s even better, we help at repairing woodpecker holes, and we also help to protect it on the long term.

How to Prevent Woodpeckers from Damaging Stucco

Fixing holes in stucco made by woodpeckers is not easy. And if you want to protect it, then it is even harder.

But it’s totally possible. There are ways to prevent woodpeckers from damaging stucco. Installing motion-activated sprinklers, metallic covers, repellant paint, and many other methods are viable options.

At the same time, you can install a harder type of stucco and protective coat that prevents woodpeckers from opening holes in it. But only professionals can do it.

If you have EIFS stucco damaged by woodpeckers and want to fix it and prevent issues in the future, then this is your best bet.

We Can Help

Everyone can experience damaged stucco by woodpeckers, so it is pertinent to find the ideal solutions if you want to have a problem-free stucco protecting your building walls.

We can help you with that with our experience and professional stucco-repairing services. And if you want to provide further protection to the surface, then you’re in the right place.


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