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  • Whether it’s EIFS or acrylic stucco repair/install You have in mind, we got You covered! With more than 5,000 successfully stucco projects finished, You’re in safe hands. Our 10+ years experience will always leave behind a final beautiful touch to Your precious home or business. 
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Stucco Repair

Stucco Applications and Repairs for Homes and Buildings in Calgary.

When you need experienced stucco and parging repair contractors in Calgary, Calgary Parging will be there to do the job! We accept all types of stucco or parging work, big or small, and can give our clients a FREE ESTIMATE on any size or type of stucco or parging project in Calgary.

As experienced contractors, we have been helping hundreds of homeowners and businesses with their stucco or parging needs. We have a reliable team of stucco and parging experts who can give you quality stucco and parging applications / repairs for your home or building in Calgary.

Whether it’s a minor stucco repair or major application project, we will do it with dedication and expert skills you would come to expect from professional contractors.
Protect Your Home with Quality Stucco and Parging from Experienced Contractors in Calgary!

A crack on your wall can start small, but if not taken care of, it can eventually turn into a major problem causing leaks and bringing in unwanted moisture in your home interior. Why risk getting a bigger damage on your Calgary property due to cracks on your walls when you can have professional stucco and parging contractors fix those crack instantly! Here at Calgary Parging, we’ll make sure your home is protected from leaks and moisture by using only proven methods of stucco or parging applications plus quality materials for all our stucco and parging works.

Our repair team can handle all types of stucco or parging needs especially:

  • Tradition stucco repairs
  • Sand and cement stucco repairs
  • FOAM stucco repairs

Aside from these services, we can also do stucco repairs around newly constructed or renovated windows. We use only high quality Blueskin/building paper and diamond mesh to protect your windows and its plywood.

If you are planning on doing some home improvements or new additions at your Calgary home, our stucco experts can seamlessly match your old stucco with the new one. We’ll easily fix all other cracks, breaks, or damages on your present stucco or parging work. Here at Calgary Parging, we have the best rates on quality stucco and parging services!

Spring is the best time for parging repairs because it ensures that there are no spring leaks in your foundation. One of the worst things that comes with the Spring thaw is the possibility that your foundation has moved slightly over the winter and that crack that you’ve been worried about has spread a little wider and no doubt will leak sooner than later.

Not to worry, call us today and prevent those cracks from leaking now.

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 Stucco Repair.

Properly installed, stucco (a cement- or lime-based plaster) can last over 100 years without maintenance. But when blisters or big cracks appear, then it’s time to make repairs right away, before they cause damage to the structural integrity of your building.


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