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Spring is the Best Time For Parging Repairs Because it Ensures That There Are No Spring Leaks in Your Foundation

One of the worst things that comes with the Spring thaw is the possibility that your foundation has moved slightly over the spring and that crack that you've been worried about has spread a little wider and no doubt will leak sooner than later. Not to worry, call us today and prevent those cracks from leaking now. 

"I was attracted by the spring pricing but skeptical... Your guys did a great job. Glad I went ahead!" Peter Singleton, Mayfair, Calgary


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Parging in Calgary: Repairs of Concrete Foundation Walls 

Your home is a Complex Water-Proofing System that needs to be properly looked after...

Where there's a crack in your foundation, there's probably a leak not far behind. What about around your windows? With all of the water problems that Calgary has been experiencing lately you can't be too cautious.

65% of Building Leaks Are "Envelope" Leaks, Not Roof Leaks!
That's right! 65%! 

Leak Detection is a Science That Requires a Lot of Experience and Skill
It's common for people to get a crack in their foundation repaired, only to have it leak again the following year. That's because there wasn't adequate leak detection performed. It's difficult to perform proper leak detection without an in-depth understanding of how your building envelope works.

Building Envelope: "Wet walls"
Damage can become so severe that it is known as "wet walls" and may need extensive repairs to the parging-air barrier, along with measures to control water shedding. To replace the air barrier function of the detached parging, a trowel-on, cementitious air barrier material with a low vapour resistance may need to be installed over the face of the walls. Temperature gradient and vapour pressure calculations often show that diffusion could cause condensation on the inside face of the new air barrier. Sufficient insulation to move the dew point outside the air barrier layer may need to be provided on the exterior side of the air barrier material. A free-draining insulation might be applied to the exterior face of the air barrier.
If your studs and bottom track are badly rusted or have partial disintegration, the interior drywall may not need to be replaced, as deterioration is not expected to continue once dried out. Localized water damage repairs are often made to the interiors of the wet walls.

What is Parging?
Parging is a this coat of cement plaster that is found on foundation walls. Poured concrete foundations are typically smooth enough that they don't require parging until such time as they deveop a crack. Parging is used to stop the deterioration of concrete or masonry.

Lime-Based Parging vs. Portland Cement

Lime-based parging is breathable and a better solution.

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